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    Residence Permit in Lithuania

    Apply for a residence permit 
    in the EU
    Price: 1800 € 1100  €
    Apply for the founding of 
    a company in Lithuania
    Price: 850 € 750  €
    Temporary residence Permit in Lithuania

    The easiest way to acquire a residence permit in Lithuania is via business immigration – it is a registration of a company and receipt of a one-year residence permit with a possibility to prolong it and receive a permanent residence in the future.

    Period of preparation of documents and registration of a JSC is 5 -7 weekdays.  Formalisation of documents necessary for receipt of a residence permit takes 1 weekday. The question of issuing of a residence permit in Lithuania is solved by the Migration Services of the Republic of Lithuania, based on our practice, in a period of 4 to 6 months. One will have the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence in Lithuania, after 5 years from the date of receipt of the residence permit.

    Upon the start of work with us you receive:
    • Preparation and notarization of the constituent documents.
    • Payment of state fees for opening a new business.
    • Search and selection of staff and premises.
    • Design and manufacturing of a company seal.
    • Search and selection of a legal address.
    • Framing of documents required to obtain multiple entry visa.
    • Preparation and completion of documents required to obtain a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania for a period of 1 year.
    The advantages of possession of residence permit in the European Lithuania:
    • You have the right to enter without a visa and travel freely in all Schengen States without a time limit of stay.
    • It becomes much easier for you to obtain visas to the USA, Canada, The United Kingdom, and Australia.
    • You have the right to work in Lithuania.
    • You have the right to become a company-owner in Lithuania.
    • You are granted the right to purchase and register a vehicle in the EU, with its further exploitation, including outside the EU (with regard to law of the country where the car is taken).
    • You have the right to procure realty in Lithuania.
    • You receive the same social benefits that the citizens of Lithuania have, except for the right to vote in the elections.

    Our company is ready to provide its customers with full support, starting with legalisation of invitation to visit Lithuania, assistance in procuring realty or an operating business to receipt of a residence permit in Lithuania in general.

    The necessity of trips to Lithuania during the process of legalisation procedures of a residence permit in Lithuania:

    The first option – We prepare all the necessary documents and send them to you for submission to a nearest Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania.

    The second option  – We prepare all the necessary documents and wait for you in Lithuania to submit the documents to a Department of Migration in Vilnius.

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