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About the Company

The main and major activity of our company is to provide services in the fields of:
  • Immigration.
  • Business - immigration. Foundation of companies in Lithuania.
  • Receipt of permanent residence or citizenship of the member states of the European Union (residence permit in Lithuania).
  • Preparations of invitations to receive Lithuanian visa (Schengen). Accounting and tax accounting services. We will help you to find: an office, partners, clients, employees. If you arrived with your family, we will help you to find an apartment.
We continue to assist in acquisition and establishment of business in Europe, procurement of realty and goods, solutions to nonstandard problems in both business and personal life.

One should not forget the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit, which holds as many advantages as dual citizenship. Nowadays, not every European state is ready to give citizenship to a foreigner. The requirements are tightened every day. The answer to this problem may be found in a status of a permanent resident of a chosen state.

Get acquainted with the information on our website and address us via any means of communication accessible and convenient for you to receive answers to your questions. Since we address all the issues of the client individually, it is easy for us to establish a dialogue with you and respectively, solve all of the problems which occurred professionally and in a high quality manner.

schengen visa
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